Entry-Level Associates

An attorney's development and training do not end with law school. At Mirick O'Connell, we recognize that for many new attorneys law school did more to pique their interest in the law than to provide a clear-cut decision about their desired practice area. For this reason, first-year associates spend their first nine months rotating through the firm's major practice groups. They not only gain valuable broad-based experience in multiple areas of specialization but are better able to decide on an area of specialization for which they are well suited.

During the first year of practice and beyond, our attorneys are provided with exceptional training through educational opportunities both within and outside the firm, as well as regular formal and informal guidance and feedback.

We hire attorneys who are capable of assuming responsibility early. Accordingly, our first-year associates do far more than conduct library research and review documents. It is not unusual for our first-year associates to have direct client contact, to assist in the negotiation of transactions, or to appear in court and to attend depositions.

We believe that at Mirick O'Connell you will receive the best of both worlds: the chance to engage in complex legal matters to help you become an excellent attorney, while maintaining a desirable quality of life.

If you are interested in applying for a first-year associate position, please contact Betsy Landry, Director of Human Resources, at We look forward to hearing from you.


An Equal Opportunity Employer

Diversity and Inclusion

Mirick O’Connell has been growing and evolving for over 100 years. An enduring strength of our firm is a collegial and respectful work environment where individuals with a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences come together to provide outstanding legal services.

Guided by our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Mirick O’Connell strives to support diversity within our firm, as well as to reflect the communities, organizations, and clients we serve.  We are committed to promoting an inclusive atmosphere, and to recruiting and retaining talented, creative, and diverse individuals. These firm-wide diversity and inclusion efforts will enable Mirick O’Connell to better understand and serve our clients, and continue to flourish as a dynamic organization.