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Mirick O'Connell has been a leader in the legal community for more than 90 years and has pioneered new practice areas to meet the diverse needs of our clients. In the 1990s, Mirick O'Connell recognized the growing demand for alternative dispute resolution services and responded by forming a team of attorneys with extensive professional experience and statewide recognition. The attorneys in our Alternative Dispute Resolution Group offer arbitration and mediation services to assist parties in the resolution of their disputes.

Arbitration. Our attorneys serve litigants or those involved in disputes as independent and impartial arbitrators in a wide variety of contexts, including personal injury, business, commercial, employment, real estate, products liability, malpractice and probate disputes. We have a combined total of 85 years of trial experience in all state and federal courts.  We recognize the importance of a timely outcome and issue awards promptly following a fair hearing.

Mediation. In addition, our attorneys provide mediation in a similarly broad range of matters. We blend practical trial experience with a background in corporate problem solving, and have developed a philosophy based on fairness, impartiality, integrity, effective communication and creative problem solving. Mediation services are also offered for divorce and family issues. Our attorneys carefully assess every dispute for its unique characteristics and fashion the most effective methodology to facilitate an appropriate resolution.