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Being the victim in a personal injury case is a highly traumatic experience. It can become even worse if you are not represented by attorneys who have the experience to advocate for your rights and the best possible settlement you are entitled to under the law.

Mirick O'Connell's Personal Injury attorneys are known for their:

  • professional accomplishments and extensive experience
  • consistent track record of favorable settlements
  • highly-regarded reputation among other attorneys and professionals
  • compassion and understanding of what a client has to endure during an emotional personal injury case.

Mirick O'Connell handles all types of personal injury and product liability cases, including complex trial matters involving wrongful death and permanent disability. We regularly receive referrals from attorneys and professionals in Massachusetts and other states because of our reputation for handling claims in a professional and efficient manner.

Mirick O'Connell attorneys represent clients in personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis.

If a case is accepted, the client and the referring attorney have the firm's commitment that it will expend the necessary time and financial resources, as well as employ in-house staff and specially retained outside experts, to resolve the claim. For each case, the firm assembles the team of professionals best suited to pursue the maximum recovery for the client.

Because of Mirick O'Connell's reputation in the community and in other states, the firm has developed strong relationships with many other professionals, including actuaries, doctors, accountants, economists, bankers, vocational experts, accident reconstruction experts, and engineers. These professionals provide pre-trial opinions and testify at trial. Their expert reports and testimony have resulted in many favorable settlements.

Because of the size of some settlements, Mirick O'Connell's Personal Injury attorneys work closely with our Trusts and Estates Practice Group, as well as with tax experts, actuaries and nationally-known consultants, in the preparation of structured settlements. This type of settlement can provide clients with funds to cover a minor's education expenses as well as lifetime income.


"Record Setting" Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Ted Bassett represented a young woman hit by a drunk driver who was on his way home from a local bar. The young girl sustained permanent brain damage with memory loss and cognitive deficits. The defendant was sentenced to eight to ten years in jail. Ted sued the drunk driver and the six bars where he drank before the accident. He obtained a judgment totaling $22.65 million- believed to be the largest personal injury judgment in the history of Worcester County, Massachusetts.

On June 1, 2011, Ted Bassett obtained a judgment in the Worcester Superior Court for $2,049,867.00 for the victim of a drunk driving accident.


Ted Bassett presented Massachusetts Congressman James McGovern with the "Promoting Highway Safety Through Legislation” award for his work as a champion of safe highways at the APITLA National Interstate Trucking Summit on September 16, 2011.

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Ted Bassett authored the article,"The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Safety and Pre-Employment Screening Programs" of "The Lawyer's Log Book" Inaugural Issue, Volume 1, No. 1 (April - May 2011). To view chapter, click here.

Ted Bassett authored Chapter 19, "An Introduction to Interstate Trucking Litigation in Massachusetts," of the MCLE Book, "Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Torts, Liability and Litigation" Volume I of II (November 2010). To view chapter, click here.

Ted Bassett is a Founding Board Member of this attorney network to represent victims of truck accidents.

Ted Bassett has been a member of this select group for more than 15 years.

Edward C. Bassett, Jr. has been selected as a Massachusetts and New England Super Lawyer.

In March 2008, Edward C. Bassett, Jr. was selected as one of the top 100 trial attorneys in Massachusetts by NTL.