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Ted Bassett Interviewed on Fox 25 News

April 4, 2012

Westborough, Massachusetts - April 4, 2012- Ted Bassett, partner and chair of Mirick O'Connell'sPersonal Injury Group, was interviewed by Fox 25 News about parents who ask other parents to sign waivers fo such things like birthday parties and play dates that take place in their home.

(FOX 25/ - You sign one when you go to the doctor's office or lease a car, but more parents are now being asked to sign birthday party waivers for their kids when attending a friend's birthday party.

While some legal advisors say it's required by insurance companies to protect the establishment should there be an injury, some parents say they are even being asked to sign them before entering birthday parties held inside another mom's home.

Attorney Ted Bassett of the Boston law firm Mirick O'Connell, joined the FOX 25 Morning News to discuss the legality of it all.

Click here to watch Ted's Interview.


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