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When a person or a company owns a property, they have an obligation to make sure that premises is safe for all visitors. If you or a loved one is injured another person or company’s premises, it is important to call a Massachusetts premises liability lawyer right away. In the past, we have represented people in the following types of premises liability cases:

  • Slip and falls;

  • Trip and falls;

  • Negligent security claims;

  • Failure to warn cases;

  • Falls on stairs.

There are a number of precautions that home and business owners should take to make sure their premises is safe, and Massachusetts law may provide remedies for people who are injured when owners fail to do their jobs. For example, stairways must have handrails, floors should be free of unreasonable tripping or slipping hazards, and property owners should warn visitors of anything dangerous on a property.

Often, premises liability claims are not limited to just the owners of the premises. If a business is operated on a premises, that business will also be responsible for ensuring the property is safe. If a company performs work on a property, that company must make sure that they leave the property in a safe condition, even during construction.

Also, Massachusetts law provides different levels of protection to people depending on the reason a person is on a property. Businesses who invite customers on to their property will be responsible for providing the highest level of care. These customers are known as “invitees,” and businesses must perform regular checks for hazards, warn about any hazards, and take reasonable steps to clean up hazards. Next in line is “licensees,” or people who are allowed on a property. Owners must warn licensees of any dangers, correct anything they know to be wrong, and generally provide a safe environment, but owners may not need to perform regular checks. The third and final category is “trespassers.” An owner owes a lesser duty to a trespasser, or a person who is on a property without the permission of the owner. In that case, the owner will only need to make sure that the property does not present an extreme, highly dangerous hazard.

The different property requirements underscore the importance of hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one is injured on a property. At Mirick O’Connell, we have the resources to fully investigate every case, make sure we find all available insurance policies, and get injured people the most money possible.

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