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Nicholas Anastasopoulos quoted in Worcester Business Journal, "Labor's long fight in Worcester"


Labor and Employment Partner Nicholas Anastasopoulos was quoted in the Worcester Business Journal article, "Labor's long fight in Worcester."

A turning point for workers in Worcester was the outbreak of World War II, which set off a manufacturing craze in the United States in order to support the war effort, as well as help rebuild destroyed nations in its aftermath.

“It’s simple supply and demand,” said Nick Anastasopoulos. "The world was in shambles and needed to be rebuilt, and we were the ones doing it. Unions could come in because they had gotten a foothold in some of these industries. If they needed a dollar raise, the employer could do it because there was no global competition like there is today.”

The COVID-19 pandemic led to initial mass layoffs across various sectors of the economy, and employers have struggled to build back their workforces amid the Great Resignation, where employees are leaving their jobs more frequently, seeking better compensation and working conditions.

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