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Marc Terry selected as a member of the newly formed AASA Committee to enhance advocacy work with federal agencies and Congress


AASA Announces New Committee to Enhance Advocacy Work with Federal Agencies and Congress

JANUARY 18, 2024
AASA, The School Superintendents Association, the organization that serves as the premier voice on Capitol Hill on behalf of school system leadership, is pleased to unveil the School District Attorney Committee (SDAC) an initiative created to enhance its work to shape federal education policy and provide additional legal resources for superintendents and their teams.

The SDAC, comprised of premier school district attorneys who specialize in a variety of areas of legal expertise and are located across the country, will operate as an advisory committee on behalf of AASA’s advocacy and policy team.
Members of the committee have routinely demonstrated invaluable insight into how federal policy and laws intersect with school district operations and have excellent reputations at the appellate level.

“The outstanding professionals who are part of AASA’s School District Attorney Committee are all game changers from the legal field and their help will be nothing short of immeasurable as we move into the new year,” said David R. Schuler, executive director, AASA. “AASA’s policy and advocacy team seemingly works on a 24/7, breakneck pace to serve the thousands of men and women who are leading our school districts. This initiative will add considerable value to that work while helping to ensure that the voice of our nation’s public school superintendents continues to inform federal policy decisions.”

Members of the committee include:

Séamus Boyce, Kroger, Gardis & Regas, LLP (Indiana)
Darcy L. Kriha, Kriha Boucek, LLC (Illinois)
Hieu M. Nguyen, Pereira, Kirby, Kinsinger & Nguyen, LLP (Georgia)
W. Joseph Scholler, Frost Brown Todd, LLP (Ohio)
Julie M. Shaw, Shaw, Perelson, May & Lambert, LLP (New York)
Marc L. Terry, Mirick O'Connell (Massachusetts)
Jim Walsh, Walsh Gallegos Treviño Kyle & Robinson P.C. (Texas)
Jackie Gharapour Wernz, Thompson & Horton, LLP (Texas)