Bicycle Accidents

While bicycles provide a cheap, environmentally friendly mode of transportation, people are killed or injured far too often on bicycles. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 1,000 bicyclists died in 2015, and nearly 500,000 were injured. In addition to providing these alarming statistics, the CDC offers some helpful advice on risk factors for bicycle injuries.

One seemingly obvious, but very important factor in bicycle accident injuries is the involvement of alcohol. The CDC reports that 37% of bicycle deaths involve alcohol by either the bicycle rider or the driver of the motor vehicle. Too often, cyclist believe that the laws concerning operating under the influence of alcohol apply only to motor vehicle operators. That is simply not the case, as intoxicated bicycle riding presents an extreme danger to all people on the road.

Other interesting statistics on bicycle accident injuries include:

  • Males are 4 times more likely to be injured on bicycles than females;

  • Most bicycle deaths occur in urban areas and not at intersections;

  • Children and adolescents have the highest rates of injury on bicycles; and,

  • Adults age 50-59 have the highest rates of death.

In addition to representing bicycle injury victims, the bicycle injury lawyers at Mirick O’Connell are strong advocates of bicycle safety. We recommend following the CDC’s advice for avoiding bicycle injuries. These recommendations include:

  • Always wear helmets;

  • Avoid alcohol at all costs, and if you have ingested alcohol, do not ride a bicycle- even if you are below the legal limit for intoxication.

  • Wear fluorescent and/or reflective clothing;

  • Install red rear lights and white front lights on the bicycle.

All too often, when a person is injured in a bicycle accident, the injuries are very serious, since a cyclist does not enjoy the protection that a car or truck provides. In the past, our bicycle accident attorneys have represented people who have suffered the following types of injuries:

  • Spinal cord injuries;

  • Crush injuries;

  • Road rash;

  • Brain injuries;

  • Paralysis;

  • Quadriplegia;

  • Shoulder injuries requiring surgery; and,

  • Neck injuries.

After a bicycle accident injury, it is important to call the bicycle accident lawyers at Mirick O’Connell right away. While an injury victim will generally have three (3) years to file a lawsuit after being injured in a bicycle accident, we can gain a significant advantage by getting involved in a case early. We can talk to witnesses, investigate the scene of the accident, and retain expert witnesses at an early stage that may be extremely helpful in establishing the case. This early involvement allows us to get a jump on the big corporations and insurance companies that are on the other side.

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